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GAVROCHE - Brasserie de Saint-Sylvestre

While I'm reliably assured that French revolutionaries preferred bottles of their local vin rouge, Gavroche makes you want to drink raucously in a Parisian pub, mixing with revolutionary circles and avoiding the prying eyes of the local gendarmes. From there you can follow that most celebrated of revolutionary cycles. 1.), Drink in homage to days gone by. 2.), Whilst intoxicated, plan loosely for a popular revolution. 3.) Implement said revolution behind the tenuous protection of an impromptu barricade. 4.) Quickly come to your senses and regret everything about the revolution and bemoan the deaths of all of your fellow comrades. It’s Empty Chairs at Empty Tables but the beer’s great. What do you mean you haven’t seen Les Mis?!

Gavroche isn’t paying homage to Michel Roux’s Mayfair restaurant but rather Les Miserables’ loveable Gallic Artful Dodger. Gavroche and his death at the barricade represents the death of innocence, the folly of youth, the end of a fight for freedom and the inevitability of an impending end. Gavroche beer is less innocent at 8.5% but just as mischievous. Gavroche provides a burst of introductory hoppy flavour that pirouettes graciously and smooths on the tongue like a classic European blonde ale. You’ll be pursing your lips, staring melancholically into the distance, adjusting your beret and answering every question with a Gallic shrug in no time. Trust Gavroche.

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