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Whether you're an aspiring football writer, graphic designer or artist, or all-round creative, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

LIBERO is going to print and we're aiming to release our first printed issue in May 2021, just ahead of the upcoming (and delayed) European Championships.

We've received a number of pitches for Issue 1 and we're now completely full for our first printed issue. However, we are now in a position to announce the theme of our second print issue, due for the release in August 2021.

The theme is 'CULTURE'.

Please interpret this theme as loosely or as rigidly as you like, we want to encourage pitches that are as creative and imaginative as possible. Be it the match going fan culture, the music culture in football, the dressing room culture, different tactical cultures, hopefully 'CULTURE' is a broad enough theme to encourage some real creativity and we're really excited to see your pitches. The quirkier the better.

At this stage, I'm compelled to inform you that we can't currently offer any paid work for contributions. This is something that we're hoping to change when looking at later issues and we're hoping to have a better gauge on this upon the release of our first printed issue (again, in May 2021). Regardless, we hope you see this as an opportunity to get your work (written or otherwise) published, have your voice heard and to get your name out there.

For all article pitches, artwork contributions or even declarations of interest in our printed issue please drop me an email at Can I request that you don't send in fully finished articles as there is a chance that your pitch may have already been written or may not make the cut.

A pitch outlining your article idea and a summary over a couple of sentences would be more than sufficient. The deadline for submitting written pitches for our CULTURE issue is 31st December 2020 and by 4th January 2021, we'll be announcing which articles have made the cut and will provide feedback for pitches that don't quite make the cut.

For artists, graphic designers or illustrators, an expression of interest with a link to your website or social media account via email would be more than sufficient.

Your continued support and interest remains most welcome and, as always, any sharing on social media or otherwise is always greatly appreciated.

All the best, Luke.

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