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Whether you're an aspiring football writer, graphic designer or artist, or all-round creative, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

LIBERO is going to print and we're aiming to release our first printed issue in April 2021, ahead of the upcoming (and delayed) European Championships. Work for issue two is also underway, with the them being 'CULTURE' and release aimed for late July 2021.

We're now pleased to announce the them for Issue 3.


The release of our third printed magazine will be our collective ode to Italian football. Be it Serie A, the national team, Italian football's influence abroad or fan culture, please interpret this theme as loosely or as rigidly as you like. We're happy to include an article on any subject, providing it is linked to the theme and we'd like to encourage pitches that are as creative and imaginative as possible.

It's our hope that we're able to garner pitches and articles on a broad range of subjects and, with Italian football having such an extensive and colourful history, CALCIO as a theme should hopefully give you plenty to go at!

At this stage, we must inform you that we can't currently offer paid work for contributions. This is something that we're hoping to change when looking at later issues and we're hoping to have a better gauge on this upon the release of our first printed issue. Regardless, we hope you see this as an opportunity to get your work (written or otherwise) published, have your voice heard and to get your name out there.

For all article pitches, artwork contributions or even declarations of interest in our printed issue please drop me an email at Can I request that you don't send in fully finished articles as there is a chance that your pitch may have already been written or may not make the cut.

A pitch outlining your article idea and a summary over a paragraph or so would be more than sufficient. The deadline for submitting written pitches for our CALCIO issue is 18th April 2021.

For artists, graphic designers or illustrators, an expression of interest with a link to your website or social media account via email would be more than sufficient.

Your continued support and interest remains most welcome and, as always, any sharing on social media or otherwise is always greatly appreciated.

All the best, Luke.

All images Wikimedia Commons.

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Simon C
Simon C
Oct 07, 2021

Heello nice blog

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