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Few Bundesliga teams packed a punch like the 2003-4 Werder Bremen side. Fewer still had a kit in the same bracket as this one. It is without peer, beyond parallel and entirely unique. Orange and green! Who’d have thought it? Red and Green is a more obvious combination and that's only seen upon fools according to the old adage. This kit mesmerised opponents. Almost as much as the Werder side itself. This was a team that functioned in perfect tandem: an industrious and expansive midfield, full of legs; overlapping fullbacks; discipline in the middle; explosive fire power further up the pitch. What a team. What a kit. A match made in hanseatic heaven.

The diamond functioned here like nowhere else. This was an aligning of the stars. Following some tactical tweaking from Thomas Schaaf, the glorious green diamond that provides the base for Werder’s badge was now found on the pitch. It had Baumann at it’s base, Micoud at it’s tip and Ernst and Borowski on either side. Up front, a deceptively portly and outlandishly deadly Ailton was joined by Ivan Klasnic, leading the line for a team who took on all comers and, more often than not, won. Even the sponsor is wholly apt, Young Spirit. This team had it in abundance, they won the double, toppled Bayern and made the Champions League knockout stages the next year. They were full of ingenuity and originality that’s only matched by the exceptional kit that they donned.

Luke Connelly

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