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Alhambra Reserva Roja

Of late, I’ve visited that most neglected of British holiday destinations, Malaga. Sure, everybody’s familiar with the airport and transfer to Benalmadina, Torremolinos and Fuengiorla further along the Costa del Sol, but Malaga itself isn’t necessarily frequented by the British holidaymaker. Needless to say, you’re all missing out. This is prime Andalusia, combining sun, beach, a remarkable city centre, friendly locals and a penchant for all things Tapas to create the perfect holiday destination. With all of this in mind, let’s move onto the cervezas. I encourage you all to ¡Cállate! stop what you’re doing and listen (por favor). Here we focus on Alhambra’s Reserva Roja. ¡Dios míos!

Observe the antique bottle, no discernibly obvious label, just subtle brown glass engravings that makes you think it’s been whisked away from the Granadan Palace itself and the no doubt extensive hordes of treasure kept within. Deceptively devilish at 7.2%, it could hit harder than an Andalusian toro. Exert caution and don’t wear anything red. The reader is encouraged to keep it cool and sip frequently whilst baking oneself on a Malagan balcony. All in all, if you haven’t practically welded yourself to white plastic deck chair then you should be bitterly disappointed. Even after you managed to peel yourself out of said chair you won’t regret it. Head down to Malaga’s beaches, harbour or the old town and just revel in it, enjoying a tipple on an increasingly enthusiastic regularity. Reserva Roja is robust in taste and refreshingly superb. ¡Ole!

Luke Connelly

Image credits: Noel Rayo,, Alhambra Reserva Roja Commercial 2017

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