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AS Roma

There is history in this badge and history runs deep in Rome. The city is wrought in it. The focal point of antiquity, the root and grand ancestor of the societal and legal structures that we live in today. This badge is an effective piece of marketing when you think about it. An immediate association with the city and city’s legendary origin. Across Rome you’ll be able to buy innumerable figurines of this setting. Romulus and Remus, the two brothers raised by wolves, the former being the founder of the city following a bloody brotherly conflict. This legendary fraternal fracture is perhaps emblematic of the current schism the club finds itself in. Roman icons Totti and De Rossi have ended their associations with the club in response to their perceptions of the current club ownership stripping back the club’s Romanese identity. Following Alessandro Florenzi being shipped out on loan to Valencia, Lorenzo Pellegrini now finds himself as the only renowned native Roman in the first team squad.

The badge endeavours to further endear itself to the city’s rich cultural ancestry. Imperial purple and golden yellow are the traditional colours of Rome and give birth to the clubs nickname, I Giallorossi. The badge serves as a reminder of Rome’s unparalleled history on a humanistic, deeply rooted level. It’s a contrast to the grandeur of Lazio’s Roman eagle. The simplistic, humble setting aims to represent a people’s team whilst maintaining the traditional imperial colours. Hopefully, the club can respond likewise and recapture some local connection.

Words: Luke Connelly

Image Credits: cchana: AS Roma 2015/16 away kit: Flicker

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