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Few clubs in Europe have taken the leap and embraced the purple. Those who have generally succeed with aplomb. In that regard, look no further than Toulouse FC. There’s meaning behind this purple persuasion. La Cité des Violettes (The Purple City) honours this moniker gloriously with their well recognised kit and additionally with a revamped club crest, now containing a recolouring of the towns coat of arms. This links the club back to the city it represents. The coat of arms links typically Ile de France motifs with - symbology that is inherently Toulousian and Occitanian.

Research the history of far Southern France. It has deep cultural differences from the north in socio-political and religious standpoints. You’ll find that this merger is quite striking. The fleur de lis features prominently in the crest, a symbol of a Paris-centric Ile de France dating back to the early Merovingian dynasty and the 5th Century. Further links to history and identity are present further down the crest. Indeed, Toulouse is also blessed with the moniker, la Ville rose (the Pink City), explaining the recolouring of the bottom portion of the town arms. The lamb of God features centrally, interestingly holding an Occitan cross - present in Toulousian imagery since the middle ages. Either side sit the town’s castle and cathedral, symbols of the city’s strength and piety respectively, renowned landmarks. The introduction of this relatively new badge reinvigorates colour and identity into the clubs imagery. C’est magnifique, voila!

Luke Connelly

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