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SHINDIGGER west coast pale ale

This one's a local affair.

If you, like many inhabitants of the North West of England, frequent Manchester’s Northern Quarter of a weekend, you will inevitably meet the quintessentially Mancunian ales of the Shindigger brewery. It is available literally everywhere, with Manchester fondly embracing one of its best loved breweries.

With their West Coast Pale Ale, Shindigger have forged an ale that seeks to complement the music scene, pop culture and the hustling bustling pubs and clubs of Northern England’s largest city. It’s as vibrant in flavour as the tangerine finger paint label and, robust in taste, is balanced well with a fizzy freshness to quench any thirsty palate.

Sharp but not overpowering, there’s a moreish-ness to how flavoursome Shindigger really is, making it a refreshing and apt substitute for pilsner (baby) and reminds one of warmer climes, a far cry from the Ancoats drizzle. Don’t let that dampen spirits. It’s worth a visit, worth a tipple (several) and is a perfect companion for those famous NQ day sessions. As the label politely advises – ENJOY THE MOMENT.

Luke Connelly

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