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"How can I ever let them go?"

For the rest of the world, Hiroshima is entirely associated with one single catastrophic event in modern history. It almost seems bizarre to consider a football team thriving there. But then again football permeates everything, an unstoppable force that no level of adversity can stop. Everything about the club and in particular the club name and badge are poetically organic and, while they took on the old Mazda SC ‘franchise’, in a part of the world where corporate branding regularly finds its way football club imagery and identity, the Sanfrecce moniker is refreshingly original.

“Sanfrecce” itself is a glorious blend of the Japanese translation of the number three, “San” and the Italian word “frecce” - arrows. This trio of projectiles feature centrally to the badge and have deeper significance. The club name is derived from the story of legendary Medieval feudal lord Mori Motonari who proverbially taught his three sons that while a single arrow might be easily snapped, three arrows held together could not. A proverb of togetherness and family. Apt for any sports team. More apt for Sanfrecce and the city of Hiroshima. As the apex of the badge provides evidence, this is a moniker that they’ve held since 1992. 18 years later, it’s going nowhere.

"Hiroshima Mon Amour."

Luke Connelly

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